Monday, June 29, 2009

Shirtless Smoker

smokers are jokers, originally uploaded by istolethetv.

I'm not the only guy taking photos in Central Park, NYC. Check out this fine photo shared here by istolethetv, one of my buddies from Flickr!

At the Sheep Meadow

Beautiful Guy, originally uploaded by funfotoguy.

Guys like this are what you'll see if you visit the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, where I took this photo, on a warm, sunny day.

I guarantee it!

Long Beach Pride 2009

Long Beach Pride 2009 514A, originally uploaded by evanembee.

June is Pride month across the USA. Enjoy this fine photo by Flickr member evanembee, posted here with his permission.

Workout Buddies

Beautiful Guys, originally uploaded by funfotoguy.

Having a partner to workout with can help to boost one's motivation. I took this photo in Riverside Park, NYC.

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