Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad News...

This is a photo of yours truly, Funfotoguy.

Apparently, Flickr deleted my account of almost 3,000 photos this evening. They sometimes go after accounts that have candid photos, and delete them. I really love the ease of blogging photos from Flickr, as well as Flickr itself. Flickr was the host of the vast majority of photos that appeared here on Beautiful Guys.

There's not much there now, but I opened a new account under the name Funfotoguy2 on Flickr. If you're on Flickr, I hope you'll look for me sometime soon, and add me as a contact. If you're a Flickr member, then try me here, at this link: Also, you can click here to reach me by email.

It's been a fun ride, eh?

It would be nice to find another service to host my tasteful (in my opinion!), candid photos without worrying about the service deleting my account.

For now, my plans for Beautiful Guys are entirely up in the air...but I am thinking on it, and open to your suggestions!

Trailer for Ashton Kutcher's Indie Comedy 'Spread'

Set in present Los Angeles, Spread is an iconic look at the lure of sex, money, and access that Hollywood offers to the beautiful people, and the karmic price that Nikki must ultimately pay to live that lifestyle.

Spread is directed by British filmmaker David Mackenzie, of The Last Great Wilderness, Young Adam, Asylum, and Mister Foe previously. The screenplay was written by first-time screenwriter Jason Hall. This had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year where it was bought by Anchor Bay Films for upwards of $3 million. Spread arrives in limited theaters starting on August 14th this summer.

Check out an interview with Ashton Kutcher in Parade magazine!

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