Friday, January 16, 2009

Support LGBT's Inaugural Participation!

As the nation's attention turns to next week's Inaugural festivities, I am very excited about the Lesbian and Gay Band Association's historic participation in the Inaugural Parade. Please consider joining the campaign by contributing a few bucks toward the band's trip. A gift of just a few dollars will help cover the many expenses of participating in an event of this magnitude.

The band will be the first LGBT organization ever to march in an Inaugural Parade. Participants, however, are responsible for paying for their own lodging, transportation, and other expenses. And it's not cheap. You can help make it a bit easier for the band to represent its constituents.

There are many expenses associated with the contingent's historic participation. Our on-line campaign, BANDING TOGETHER, is completely independent from the band and is an effort among bloggers to support their trip. One hundred percent of the gifts go directly to the band.


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