Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Thoughts About Marriage Equality

Gay Pride, originally uploaded by funfotoguy2.

Today, the senate in New York State defeated the same-sex marriage bill and missed a glorious opportunity today to assume a leadership position in human rights. In the words of Senator Duane, referring to large looming problems like war and the economy, "There is never a good time for civil rights — it’s never, ever the right time for civil rights, I know,” he added. “But the paradox is it’s always a good time to be on the right side of history.” Today, it was very painful to watch my own state's representatives vote to let bigotry stand, to actually listen to individual senators call out their "NO" votes and impact my reality like this.

Our day WILL come.

Today, I am celebrating the future by posting a series of some of my favorite photos that I took at Gay Pride in NYC.


Anonymous said...

I think the promoters of 'gay marriage' have made the mistake in calling it something that it is not.
There are many countries in which a civil union pact is recognised by the state, regardless of the sex of the couple, and serves to protect their civil rights (social security, inheritance etc).
The idea of two men walking down the steps of city hall holding hands is what brings out the prejudice in many people.

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