Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad News...

This is a photo of yours truly, Funfotoguy.

Apparently, Flickr deleted my account of almost 3,000 photos this evening. They sometimes go after accounts that have candid photos, and delete them. I really love the ease of blogging photos from Flickr, as well as Flickr itself. Flickr was the host of the vast majority of photos that appeared here on Beautiful Guys.

There's not much there now, but I opened a new account under the name Funfotoguy2 on Flickr. If you're on Flickr, I hope you'll look for me sometime soon, and add me as a contact. If you're a Flickr member, then try me here, at this link: Also, you can click here to reach me by email.

It's been a fun ride, eh?

It would be nice to find another service to host my tasteful (in my opinion!), candid photos without worrying about the service deleting my account.

For now, my plans for Beautiful Guys are entirely up in the air...but I am thinking on it, and open to your suggestions!


Theodore Von Fish-N-Chips said...

Man! I completely sympathize with you about Flickr deleting your account. I was really surprised to discover how tyranical Google/Blogger/Flickr can be.

My blog is currently being investigated for being a Spam blog even though it is updated every day with new content.

You had one of my favorite blogs. Hope you get it sorted out.

Maybe host via an Apple/Mac account?

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